Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life lessons

From kittens:

1. PLAY. When in doubt, it is a toy and is there for you to play with. Ask forgiveness, don't ask for ... wait a minute. Don't even ask for forgiveness. Just PLAY.

2. SLEEP HARD. You deserve it. See #1.

3. Your job is to keep the house safe from sneaky toys. Do this job well and you will get Pounce treats. Do your job poorly and you will get Pounce treats. At least make it look good.

From adult cats:

4. You are beautiful no matter your girth or your flaws. Yes, kittens are 'cute'. You have pride, dignity, and experience to lend you beauty.

5. Postpone anything not important. See #1 and #2. Have a fine sense of priorities.

6. Your job is to train the young. That may involve hissing, scratching, and nips. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. You are building character -- theirs.

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