Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life lessons from Petey

We don't have household pets. Though I was raised with "Petey"...a beagle that I lived with from the fourth grade until I married and left home. I always thought of him as my little brother. While he loved me, when my dad was around I was invisible.

What I learned from him...

No task is too difficult if you think it through. When you're a dog, you pick up the peanut with your tongue, crack the shell with your teeth, spit it out, and then pick up the nut with your tongue.

If you want attention, then sit on the papers in the middle of the room amid all the Girl Scouts. If you want them to laugh, you pick up a pencil and let it dangle from the front of your mouth.

If you're afraid, then sit next to the person who isn't fighting.

When it's cold, the bottom of the bed under the sheets is a warm place to nest. If you're smart you can sneak yourself up to rest your head on the pillow.

When getting ready for a nap, turn around several times in a circle and pick the best spot of all. Viewing the territory from different angles works.

Be excited when someone you love walks in the door.

If your nose is warm and dry, then eat some grass. For a person, if you feel sick, take something for it.

If you're exhausted, it's okay to lay your head on the side of the water bowl and let your tongue dip in the water.

Rolling in dead fish isn't a good thing. While it was nirvana at the time, you will be bathed when you go home. Even if it's three in the morning.

If someone is irritating you, simply get up and walk away.

Sometimes you don't need to bite someone to get a point across, a simple nip will serve the purpose.

Wake up each day knowing that it will be exciting.

It's okay to be dressed in doll clothes, everyone needs babying at times.

Getting a scratch from someone feels so good.

It's fun to run. Hang your head out of the car window for awhile. Smell new stuff.

It's been a long time since Petey died, but he'll always live in my heart. That's one thing about pets, their memory will stay with you.

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