Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yes indeed. The circus

We saw Cirque du Soleil under the big top the other day. There's nothing like going into a tent to experience such an event.

Which acts startled/amazed/surprised me?
  • The 'euw' factor: the contortionists. Truly ... euw.
  • The 'ah' factor: the guys who balance on the 2 spinning wheels
  • The 'whoa' factor: the unicyclist who also balances a woman on his shoulders
  • The 'up' factor: the tumblers who twist, tumble, and trampoline several stories high
The high-wire, the balance-on-chairs-guy, the clowns, the pickpocket (yes they had a pickpocket) were all good, but I think those tumblers were the ones who really made me gulp and sit on the edge of my seat. It reminded me (faintly) of the daring-do we performed in our own backyard circuses. I remember that RUSH of fear/exhilaration when it all works.

Yep. If you get a chance, go to the circus. It's worth the thrill.

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