Monday, July 20, 2009

Thunder and lightning

One of the things I'd forgotten while living in the "north" was the power of summer thunderstorms. Here in coastal Georgia, you ain't heard nothing until you hear thunder booming across the marsh. The sound goes on forever.

Our Maryland home had it's share of storms for the many years we lived up there, but here in our sunny coastal cottage, I feel much closer to nature. The rain seems louder and more torrential. The lightning illuminates the sky and seemingly occurs with greater frequency. And the thunder, well its like cannons across the marsh. The sound shakes the house, rattles the windows.

When we get a thunderstorm here, and we've been getting one every day for about a month, you can't help but stop what you are doing and watch. Its a show like none other. Spectacular lighting, rousing accompaniment, and curtains of rain.

We humans think we have everything under control with our temperature controlled houses, our stores full of food, clothing, and other essentials, our cool cars. But let a storm rip through your area and you'll find people clinging together. Don't mess with Mother Nature. She wins every time.


asea in summer thunderstorms

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J L said...

Man, I wish we were getting some of that thunder & rain. We're in a drought, and our lawns are gasping for water. Life is turning brown colored. It seems like we've had a chronic drought or almost-drought for the last 5 years or more. Send some our way!