Sunday, March 15, 2009

The first sign of ....

Ever  have  one  of  those  days  when  it's  just  too  much  like  work  to  get  up?
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Yeah, I've had one of those weeks! Don't get me started! Work (deadlines, they're changing the scope of the project, the software code is broken and I have to intuit how it works ....), writing (why, oh why, won't these characters do what I want?), promo (if I have to do one more chat ...), jury duty (luckily all done now) ...


it's spring. Yep. It's warming up outside. The snow is melting. We're down to November's snow now, that first stuff that fell and was clear at the bottom of the drifts. The rivers are running, the trees ... well, they aren't budding but surely it won't be long now ... we've had two days in a row with temperatures above freezing ...

yep, Spring!

What is one of your favorite signs of spring? What makes you think, 'yep, the seasons they're a-changin''

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Donna Caubarreaux said...

That looks like the squirrel that was sleeping on a big branch last year. I'd never seen a squirrel sleeping like that before.

My son called me on his cell phone and pointed it out when I went outside.

When he went to basic training for the Coast Guard, I drew a picture of the tree, the branch and the squirrel on the side of the envelope.

The military doesn't have much of a sense of humor, as after the fifth envelope with different drawings, my son was called into the office. When the officer asked if my son had anyone in the military, he started off with his brother, his other brother, his sister, his father and could have kept on going, but the officer stopped him.

My son told me not to draw any more pictures. How sad.

I was having so much fun.


Glad the snow's melting JL, I can't imagine being cooped up that much. And here's hoping this next week is better.