Monday, March 16, 2009

Maggie's Signs of Spring

As a child, summer was my favorite season. After all, school was out and so were shoes. It was such a joyous time. Then I added a few years and began to notice more about the seasons. I never was much for cold weather, but transitional weather is very nice. Though I also like fall, spring is here, and it's actually been here in the deep South for a coupla weeks.

How do I know spring is here? Blooming trees and shrubs, butterflies, and nesting birds. The yard greens up and so does the salt marsh. The few trees that go dormant for the winter pop out with new leaves. The oaks drop another set of leaves. My white car turns pollen green.

But the absolute best thing about the first week or so of spring is the lack of bugs. Those days of mild weather, coupled with no gnats, mosquitoes, deer flies, or other bloodsuckers, are absolutely halcyon. I love poking about in the yard, trimming this, tidying that, refilling the bird bath, and it just feels so good to be outside. This year I'm being extra careful about sunshine on my skin, but even through my clothes, the warmth feels nice.

Another sign of spring is the variety of vegetables at the roadside stands. Besides onions and tomatoes, are various greens, and some early peas. Stores celebrate spring too. From Valentines Day through Easter, every store has seasonal candy to tempt your taste buds. No wonder we all struggle with our weight!

In past years, a certain writer's conference signaled spring to me. This year, I won't be attending, but my thoughts will be with those at the Retreat.

Happy Spring all!



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