Thursday, January 15, 2009


Probably the wrong week to ask. Usually I'm a glass half full kind of person, but recently I've felt good. If I have any serious peeves, it's with my health, but I try not to talk about it, because talking does no good. It just shares the pain.
Computers? I have a new one, which the family has labelled The Beast. I'm now working on a PC again, for the power. My laptop was and is lovely, but this thing rawks. I can have Photoshop and Dreamweaver running and it snaps its fingers at it. Maybe my peeve about that is all the importing you have to do. I use a big external hard drive for backups, but it still takes far too long, there is so much hanging about it drives me nuts.
And tax. Ugh. Last year I spent oodles of time getting an ITIN, which I'll need to stop the US IRS taking 30% tax off my royalties at source. They didn't want to give me one, they guard these things like crown jewels, but at last I'm in proud possession of one. Even that had its up side. I was forced to go to London to visit the US Embassy, and walk past the beaming policemen toting big guns (they're not allowed to carry arms in the UK, but they are at the Embassy. It makes the poor dears very happy). Then I was forced to stay with friends and go to a few museums and art galleries to make the visit more fun. Agony, I tell you. Actually, yes. Every time I visit London I end up with legs aching so badly it's not a joke.
And now I'll soon be in the UK tax bracket and next year I'll have to do a tax return. Yuk. Have to hand some money over to the authorities, have to spend a week sorting out the damned papers and stuff. Not looking forward to that, even though a friend has given me a nifty Excel workbook that should help no end.
Oh yes, and I've been stuck on the latest story. I'm months overdue with this thing, because I tried the "pantser" technique, which obviously doesn't work with me.
Come to think of it, I had more peeves than I'd thought.

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