Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Peeve Central today

The high temperature today was -6. The wind chill is -25. It's going to be colder tomorrow. It hasn't gotten above zero for 4 days.

I had 2 shots this morning, a cortisone shot in each hip. The doctor pressed down hard and when I gasped, he said "That's where the bursitis is worst." Then he plunged the needle in. Ow.

Then I went to the dentist for cleaning followed by 4 (count them, 4) shots of novacaine in order to insert a bridge. Two hours later I came home.

Did I mention it snowed -- again -- last night? When it's this cold, it's futile to put down junk on the roads so all they can do is scrape at it. There's black ice everywhere (that's the ice you don't see, the sneaky ice). I NARROWLY avoided two collisions in the 2 miles from the dentist to my house.

The wild turkeys at the bird feeder are getting bold, plus the snow is so high they can now climb over the fence. They were looking in my window earlier -- after they knocked over the heated bird bath. Dumb clucks.

The deer are getting bold, too, because they're desperate. And they're stupid. They're targeting the neighbor's shrubs, etc. and they're targeting at 4:30 in the morning: when I am driving to work. The roads are icy (see note above re: black ice). So I have to drive 5 mph through the neighborhood until I'm in a deer-free zone.

It was so cold on Tuesday that I went out to start my car at the office and the "low tire pressure" light came on. The rims were so cold the tires were shrinking. I had to drive it around a while until the tires got 'normal' again. Nothing like having a warning light go on when it's -35 wind chill and there's not a garage in sight.

Oh yeah. Peeves. I have 'em.

My peeve last weekend was technology and it's still my peeve: I got an Ipod Touch and I couldn't get my Palm data onto the Ipod. Well, I did it -- it's a kluge, but it worked. My peeve is: why can't we all learn to share? Why do we have four or more different ebook formats? Why do I have books purchased at FIctionwise that can't be read on my Kindle and vice versa? The Fictionwise ones can be downloaded to my Touch, but the Kindle ones ... nope, there they sit (okay, yeah, I could, but it's ANOTHER KLUDGE and I'm TIRED OF HACKING!)

Why do we have different email formats, different data formats? I mean, it's not Amazon is going to corner the market in ebooks, so why insist on using their proprietary format. And yes, Microsft has a good grip on the market for word processing, but does that mean you can create a .docx file and expect us all to suck it up and use it? I don't think so. Don't even get me started on DRM and that nonsense. This is why hackers are still in business after all these years.

Everywhere you look, there are mini-wars: Blogger vs. WordPress, Apple vs. Palm vs. Microsoft vs. Google, Mac vs. Vista ... you get the idea. The ones in the crossfire are the consumers, who end up kludging together ways to make it all work.

Mark my words: when the true CHI (Computer-Human Interface) is invented and allows me to plug directly into the machine -- I'm there, in line. No matter what surgery is involved, it's got to be less painful than (bear with me here):

  • Finding software online to export Palm Data to data readable by Outlook
  • downloading said software and installing it
  • transferring Palm data to Outlook on an XP machine
  • Exporting the Outlook data to a memory stick
  • downloading a trial version of Outlook '07 to the Vista machine
  • uploading the XP Outlook data to the Vista Machine
  • Exporting the Vista Outlook data to the Touch
  • Downloading a ToDo App on the Touch that would read the Palm ToDo
  • Exporting the Palm ToDo on the XP machine to a memory stick
  • Uploading the Palm ToDo to the Vista machine to the Touch
  • Synchronizing everything

Don't even get me started on my apps from the Palm: my diet software, my photo manager, my Sudoku, my Scrabble ....

Oh, yeah. I've got peeves. But the up-side is: I love my Touch and my Palm was dying (sniff, sniff). It got 4 good years out of it and I hate to see it go, but it's time to move on to new technology before my Auxiliary Brain goes zombie on me. I'm clinging to this Touch for at least 5 years at which time I'd like to think I wouldn't be so dependent on it any more.

We'll see....

Off to take Advil, pour some Jim Beam and put my feet up. More snow tonight, more Arctic temps and a snowy commute awaits. It's only 8 weeks to spring ....

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