Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Inspiration ... I has it

When I get stuck in a scene, I watch a movie.

Yep, I shamelessly wallow in action flicks and see how the director handled the fight, the chase, the Big Black Moment, the resolution. Then I try to imagine my character in that situation. This can be tricky because if I'm writing a paranormal or other-planet adventure, I need to change it pretty dramatically, but still ... the basic emotions remain. How to show fear, anger, excitement, relief?

The other night I was stuck on the dreaded chapter 13 (I always get stuck on Chapter 13 for some reason. It's more than halfway and I'm usually at that 'enough already, can I finish this book!' point). I turned off my computer and went upstairs and flopped down in front of the TV, picked up the remote, and started flipping through channels.

Lo and behold, Independence Day was on, one of my favorite all-time action flicks. I settled down to watch and realized, "Damn, I can use that in my book. If Dru is captured, she's like the President who's with the survivors and ...."

Yep. I'm on chapter 14 now.

Inspiration ... just a channel flip away.

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