Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Sunday...

I'm posting late...but better late than never.

JL's Sunday was jammed packed. It amazed me.

This last Sunday wasn't typical for me. Thank goodness, as I don't think I could do more than several of these in a year.

We had company that started their visit on Wednesday. That meant cleaning the abode 'company clean'. We were to go to our camp in the woods, thirty miles away for several days, so that meant making a menu and shopping for the groceries.

Thursday morning we left for the peace and quiet of the wilderness. No phone service, even cell phone usage is spotty at best. The far corner on the back deck seems to work if you stand just right.

Joanne bird watches. I'm always amazed at her results. Fifty-eight different species. I learned a new one 'sapsucker'. I thought it was a woodpecker as it sounds just like one when it hammers its beck into the side of the tree. Joanne -58, Donna - 2. The bluebird didn't show up this year.

Deer, racoons, wild hogs were abundant, as were cotton-mouth snakes. But I didn't see anything as I was busy reading and throwing meals together.

Friday afternoon I had to go to town and pick up free Josh Turner concert tickets for my son, then back to the camp to fix some crawfish etouffe, which I have finally mastered.

Then on Saturday, I had to leave after an early morning breakfast and travel sixty miles to our chapter meeting. We had two authors scheduled to visit with us, so it was mandatory that I attend, since I am the president!

After the meeting, pick up two grandkids for my son, then beat it home. My tongue was dragging at this time, so it was out for dinner that night.

The next morning, I attempted to bake some biscuits and decided that Bisquick biscuits need work. They weren't as good as the flaky biscuits in the can. Hey, I didn't say I was a 'great' cook. Our company left afterwards and then I got busy.

We scheduled our 'birthday bash' for Sunday. There were several reasons for this. One, everyone was having pictures taken for our Christmas present. Two, Pierre was in boot camp during October and we weren't sure when his first weekend tour of duty would be. Then someone, not me, had the great idea of doing the October, November and December birthdays on that day.

That meant twenty-five for lunch.

I planned out a quick meal: bbq chicken, cornbread dressing, mac and cheese, baked beans and fruit salad with cake for dessert.

The other person in this marriage volunteered to go to the store for me. I should have gone myself as he did other stuff while shopping and took too much time. But I can't complain as he cooked the chicken.

It was an enjoyable time spent with family. The weather was great, the grandkids abused the trampoline, Spencer (6) notified us several times that there were eleven people in Pierre's room. That was the older grandkids with their uncle playing computer games. The adults joked and insulted each other as they always do. Two brothers sat on their sister. Pictures of the latest 4-H hog and pygmy goats that grandkids showed were viewed. Some of the goats were dressed in costumes. Two granddaughters made a list of things that they wanted to see in NYC during Thanksgiving week.

It was a 'happy' time. Friends and family. Who could ask for anything more?

After the event, I rode with my son to drop off the two grandkids that I picked up the day before.

So, that was my Sunday.

Yesterday I played the dog...a big ole lazy hound dog.

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