Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Me? Sports?

I resisted sports in high school, probably because I was such a klutzoid. I flailed after tennis balls, got hit in the face with a baseball, and briefly managed basketball (very briefly).

If I could do any sport? Well, if we suspend disbelief, I'd try platform diving -- but Lord knows, I'm not putting this body out there in a Speed-O. Track and field? Nope. I'd fall over those little barrier thingies and probably crash and burn while trying to make a turn. Cycling? Sorry. Those little bicycle seats hurt my butt. Swimming? Nope, I never did figure out how to breathe right when doing laps. Gymnastics?

It is to laugh.

Nope, that leaves something I might possibly manage: equestrian. Of course, the last time I rode a horse, it stepped on me and broke a toe (which I subsequently had to have amputated), but that won't deter me. Nope, me and my noble steed will gallop around, jump over a few shrubs, and ....

Wait. It might be dangerous. Hmm.

Okay. Rethink that thought. Ah. I know.

Fencing. I've taken fencing lessons and I'm not half bad. Not half good, though, either. But yes -- the noble art of fencing would be it. I'd sweat off all my excess weight, conquer my opponents with my steely-eyed gaze, and lunge with all my might.

Yep. That's my sport.

En garde!

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Kim Smith said...

Very cool! I do not think I know anyone who is a fence expert (is there a name for a fencer????)