Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Maggie

If I was athletic and I could pick any sport I wanted, which sport would I pick?

Lets see, the reasons I'm not competitive in athletics are that I have lousy hand-eye coordination, dicey depth perception, and the stamina of a sprinter. Somehow I doubt the new and improved me would overcome all of those issues. Still, what would I choose?

Would it be pole vault? Nah. I'd plant the pole in the wrong place and fling myself right onto the concrete. No good.

Swimming? Nah, too much water in the ears.

Hurdles? Nah, I'd be sure to catch one on the very first leap.

Gymnastics? Nah, too much precision.

Long jump? Hmm. Short distance to run. No aiming with the hands. Just run, jump, and fall. Plus you land in sand. I've always like sand.

Okay. That's my sport LONG JUMP!!! Yeah, I have a sport. Everything about it is perfect. Except for sand in the shorts. But I can overlook that for Olympic Gold.

Happy August, everyone!!!



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