Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I don't play them. Ever. I couldn't run 100 yards at school without getting winded. I can't hit a ball with a racquet, bat or lacrosse stick, although I wasn't too bad at hockey. I don't like getting water in my ears, so I don't swim, and my eyesight is appalling.
I do some exercise, although it bores me stupid, and I watch a lot of sport.
Mostly the Beautiful Game. And since I support Manchester United, I get a lot of it. Alex Ferguson is one of my heroes, the man who controls 40 or so youngsters with more money than sense, who come to work in Ferraris, who don't need anything other than the joy of running on to that pitch on a Saturday and proving they are better than the other team.
Oh yes, and that bit where they take their shirts off at the end? It can be the best bit of the whole match.

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