Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here I Am!

My setting is based on where I live.


First, there are two cultures living here. The 'regular' people and the 'French' inhabitants. We're not considered Cajun, even though the sign entering the parish states, "Cajun Crossroads."

It irks me every time I see it. As history dictates that the parish was inhabited by French settlers way before the Cajuns came.

You can still hear the news in French on the local radio stations, as well as the obits. In the local nursing homes, there has to be a sign posted of the employees who are able to communicate to the residents who only speak French or broken English. You'll often pass a small group of residents who are jabbering away in French.

So, one is the characters that I can use in this setting.

Reason Two:

The food. It's delicious. We have everything, and some stuff that you might not want to eat, such as blood boudin. No thank you very much. But crunchy cracklins, be still my heart. (If I eat enough of them my heart would most likely shut down!)

Reason Three:

I don't have to invent anything new. I did change the name of the town to Boggy Bayou. There is a small place near here called that, but it isn't on the map. The first name I used was listed as a town in way down south Louisiana. I used to work for the Post Office and never heard of this place. But it's there. So, Boggy Bayou sounded fine to me.

I might use this place in a lot of books, only with a different name. Er, I think I have. LOL!

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