Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mind the gap!

Casinos, eh, Jayelle? Nice research there!

My WIP is "Thunderfire," the fourth and final Pure Wildfire book. When I write, music is important to me, so writing a series about a full-on, take-no-prisoners rock band who happen to be shape-shifting firebirds has been pure delight.
Each book I write has a soundtrack and for Chris, the drummer, for some reason it was Massive Attack. Melancholy, beautiful, songs that drift into your mind and stay there. You might be familiar with them from "Teardrop," the song that's used for TV's "House." But there is much, much more to Massive Attack than "Teardrop."
If you've never heard "Mezzanine," Massive Attack's 1994 album, do yourself a favour and give it a listen. So many bands have been influenced by this, it's unreal. And now they're responsible for the murder and mayhem unleashed on the world by a group of Talent-haters and greedy entrepreneurs.
No wait, that's me. Anyway, "Sunfire" is out now, and "Icefire" is coming soon, "Moonfire" is in for consideration and I'm busy working on "Thunderfire," which has been a ride to write. Not least because I had to scrap my first version and start again, when the heroine didn't shape up.
This one has. And today, I put Nine Inch Nails on the speakers. It's like coming home. I have a feeling they might fuel the next book.
Which, oddly enough, is a historical.
Oh well.

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