Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One thing ...

Okay, let's see .... I didn't mean to phrase this so ambiguously, but since I did, I'll take a shot at it.

One habit to break: easy. Like Maggie, I have to quit comparing my success to the success others have. It's apples/oranges, summer/winter, etc. My new motto for the year is "Don't worry about the other guy." Success is all so subjective, any way. As lon as I'm having fun, I'm successful.

One thing to accomplish this year: get my health back on track. I've had serious spinal and shoulder problems due to disintegrating disks, poor posture, bad chairs, and improper exercise. ENOUGH ALREADY. I am tired of the pain, tired of physical therapists beating me up, tired of only getting four or five hours of sleep because I can't get comfortable. This will be the Year of Good Health.

One dream to aim for: related to both of the above: find balance. I'm almost there. I feel like my Work Life, Writing Life, and Home Life are on pivot points. Sometimes I tip one way or the other, but I want to make sure that all are balanced well. Make sure I carve out the time for the right person when they need it, and make sure to save enough energy and time for myself. Balance is a dream I aim for... (along with NYT best-sellerdom, top sales, and a contract with Baen for my SciFi series).

This is life. It's not a rehearsal. Implement all plans NOW because NOW is what we have.

And following that philosophy, I am now carving out time to write!

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