Monday, January 21, 2008

Leap frog blogging

Catchy title, eh? It could be interpreted a number of ways, but my interpretation is leap before I look style of blogging. My topics come from everyday inspiration, from the challenges I face. Blogging gives me the opportunity to explore these issues and to get them off of my mind.

Like today.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.

It's a national holiday here in the U.S. Government shuts down, schools close, stores hold sales, and towns have parades. That was my job today, to cover the parade for our newspaper. (In my small town, reporters are also photographers). Here's how my morning went:

I bundled up and stood outside on our main drag for thirty minutes watching the parade. Every police car in the county turned out; they had all the lights flashing, the sirens blaring. It was deafening and exhilarating. Kids dashed into the street to snag the candy being tossed from the cars.

The new mayor was there in a convertible. The chairman of the county commissioners was the Grand Marshall of the Parade. Every black business in the county had a float or vehicle in the parade. Groups of women marched along, singing and clapping their hands. Two horsemen clip clopped down the road. Firetrucks, garbage trucks, bobcat tractors, motorcycles, two speed boats, one float with two magnolia trees and a passel of children, a marching band. Car after car, they came. And the message of hope pervaded.

Martin Luther King's dream was for freedom, equality, and justice. It's a dream we all embrace. It's a dream we all desire, across the globe. Let freedom ring!

Now I'm going back to my WIP where I'm happily killing off fictional people...


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