Thursday, January 10, 2008


So little time!
So far I want to finish writing the Triple Countess series (one book), finish the new contemporary romance (this month) and finish the Pure Wildfire series (one book). Also plan the next Department 57 book. I have a new trilogy that will need zhuzzing up a bit, but the first one has been accepted, so I'm happy about that.
I have a new series burning a hole in my brain, but I'm forcing myself to take it all in time, not to rush at everything and end up with half-finished stuff.
I would really like to get an agent, but what I write generally sells and is part of a series already committed somewhere. I do have one book that is free, the first in a new series, but I really want to have another go at it and vamp it up a bit. Or write a brand new book in the series, and get to rewriting this one later. Or something.
I've registered for Romantic Times and now I have to do all the other stuff, ie get the rooms sorted out, book the flight, get a hotel room in New York for a few days on the way home.

Anyway, bit of a plug here, my new book is out with Ellora's Cave on the 18th and I am thrilled to bits about it. It's the rewritten "Wildfire," now titled "Sunfire." Lots more in this one, and heavily re-edited, too. I really think this book is the business, and all thanks to Briana St James who did such a stellar job editing it, and Les Byerley who created the kicking cover art:

Two guitarists - one a wild man of rock, the other a talented
classical goddess. Opposite ends of the music spectrum, but
when they join together, the sparks fly, and they create their
own special kind of Wildfire.

The members of Wildfire are Talents - Firebirds - but once
John Westfall, the band's manager, realizes what a prize he
has in Aidan Hawthorne, the band's lead guitarist, he'll stop
at nothing to obtain the power he's coveted for so long. Including
sacrificing his own daughter.

The moment he hears her play, Aidan is drawn to Corinne in
a way he's never known before. They connect on so many levels
and Aidan will do anything to release her from the cage John
Westfall has trapped her in.

He offers her marriage, he offers her freedom, but Aidan wants
more from Corinne than a place on his band and a piece of
paper - he wants her heart, body and spirit. And he'll give
her his in return.

Classical guitarist Corinne is desperate to escape her father's
control. More so when it becomes apparent just how much control
he has over her, and not just the contracts she's signed.
Her only way out is through Aidan's proposal. She loves him
but craves the freedom to choose - can she trust him to give
it to her?

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