Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are we there yet?

Some of my goals have easy milestones: find a publisher for the orphan books (just got a request for a full on one of them, yea!)

Work on my Alternate America series: it's percolating in the back of my brain and I am going to pull out the notebooks soon.

The promo thing: I'm cooking up some ideas with some other authors and will be giving that a try. I think a simple answer to that one is, "did I sell more books this year than last?"

Regarding my Blog goals:

Find balance: ha! I bought a Balance Ball and am using it at home as my writing chair. This should coincide with Goal 2, which was "Get Healthy". We'll see. So far I'm falling off more than I'm staying on, but it sure as hell is helping my posture!

The hardest one will be "don't compare my success to others". Oddly enough, this hasn't been a problem for me for the last few months but I suspect it's on hiatus and not permanently gone. Maybe I'm settling into this writing thing, but I think I'm FINALLY really happy with being e-published. I've given up on RWA and 'their' standards and am looking forward to RT where e-pubbers are welcomed with open arms. So maybe I've figured it out: my publishing journey IS a success already!

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