Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ah, vacation

Like Maggie, I considered a nifty vacation at home. After all, I work 40+ hours a week outside the home, plus I write about 30 hours a week. Vacation at home is tempting ...

but no.

One week isn't enough, but here's what I'd do with that week.
I'd like to travel and for once have somebody else deal with the crap associated with travel. I'd like someone to make first class plane tickets for me and map out an itinerary for me. I want someone else to make the hotel reservations and all the travel arrangements. That said, I want to spend a day in Spain then Paris. I've been to England several times, so I'll have to bypass that on this trip. I'd like to go back to Holland where I used to live and see if any of my friends are still there. Then I want to spend a day in Norway. I want to hop over to Tahiti and spend two days there, or maybe on Pitcairn Island. Then I'd fly to South America and pop in and say 'hi' to Jorge before coming home.

Jet lag? You bet. Fun? You bet.

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