Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reversion of Rights

To Kristi Studts and Triskelion Publishing

I request return of rights to

The Chemistry of Evil

Eternal Beauty, Eternal Darkness

The Haunting

Rubies of Fire

Diamonds of Ice

You do not have a signed contract for Liquid Crystal, so rights revert
to me.


I cite clause 13

may, at its discretion, remove the Work from publication or
distribution for reasons of poor sales or other reasons deemed by the
Publisher to be injurious to Publisher’s or Author’s best interest.  Publisher
shall notify Author of its decision to withdraw the Work and upon
receipt of such notice this contract shall terminate and all rights
will revert to Author.

Studts made such notification on June 20th, 2007, when she announced
Triskelion Publishing would cease trading on July 2nd 2007.

from 3pm, USEST, June Twentieth 2007, when I received such notice, all
contracts have terminated and the rights have reverted to the author.

This is a public announcement that I acknowledge that termination of
contract and have reclaimed the rights to my works.


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