Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Two years ....

Two years ... my oh my. Let's see, I've been workng full-time, writing full-time, and volunteering part-time.

All well and good but nothing particularly significant.

I've attended quite a few more conferences and workshops, and I think that's where I've learned some things.

I've learned to Just Do It.

I used to think there was a magic bullet, a secret formula, a secret handshake, SOMETHING that I had to do in order to get published. What I finally realized was I just had to sit down and write. I gave myself permission to not write the absolute best thing in the world. I had to slough through hours of trying, and editing, and staring at the screen and just write the damn book. Then I could go back and rewrite it. Then I could polish it. And then I could send it in.

There is no magic bullet. There's some talent mixed with luck mixed with sticking to it.

I'm proud of FINALLY figuring that out .....

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Angela Jefferson said...

Yeah, I'm figuring that out too!