Monday, March 5, 2007

It's MARCH already??????????

Where the heck did the time go???? I thought I was doing okay until I realized we're almost done the first quarter of the year.


I work pretty good under pressure, so here's hoping.

Okay, what I'm working on. Well, putting the final changes on a manuscript requested by an editor and hope to get that mailed off soon. Put that baby to rest. (And hopefully will have to wake it from it's nap to change it some...)

Also working on a revision to Cinda Bella to put it more in line with the final version of Beauty and The Best since they are linked. Bella needed a backbone, so I'm giving it to her. I love this story (of course, are there any of my own stories I don't love? No. Which is a good thing, because why write it if I didn't love it?) [As Maggie said, it's early Monday.]

I'm thinking of entering a contest with my two latest WIPs. They're each about a third of the way done and the final judge is one I can't get to without an agent, so maybe. Of course, I did that with Got Blood?, it won the contest and got a request from the final judge. It's nowhere near being finished, but it did get me in the door to submit other things to her. So, it's not necessarily a bad thing that Got Blood? won't be done for a while - the request is still standing. So that's another one in the works.

Life--ah. It was going smoothly until I got sick last week. Felt like shards of glass had rooted themselves in the muscles of my throat. Not fun. Number one son's broken leg finally came out of the cast/boot, but he's still got to watch it, so no contact sports for him for three months. For this jock kid, that's torture. One of life's lessons learned the hard way (we told him over and over not to wrestle a kid twice his size, but did he listen? noooooooooooooo.)

Then, just when I got our income tax refund back and was planning all the obligations we were going to pay off, the DH decides he really wants to go back to SeaWorld and we should do that over Thanksgiving. Now, I'm not opposed to this because swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove was one of the most magical, spiritual, primal experiences I've ever had and I'm definitely in. But the last time we did Florida, it cost a lot, we planned it for three years, and did I mention it cost a lot?

So, this time, we're going the less expensive route - driving, hotel rewards points, and no Disney. A Discovery Cove package gives you seven days at SeaWorld, plus for a reasonable amount of money we're going to Universal Studios. And we've got one of our jumper passes left from DisneyWorld, so we'll hit a water park on Thanksgiving. That's what we did last year, and it was much less crowded than the Magic Kingdom.

So there goes the obligations for this year, or I'll be working more hours at my part time job.

Or maybe I'll sell a book.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Have a great week! -Judi

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