Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Weakest Link

English is my biggest bug-a-boo.

Along with revisions.

For some reason, I write so tight, that when I go to insert something it throws the story out of whack.

I'm still learning the basics. Dwight Swain's Scene and Sequel. It doesn't come naturally to me. I have to check each element afterward to see that I have it there.

Maybe I need a cheat sheet at the side of my computer. One that lists my bug-a-boos.

Such as F-A-S. Feeling, Action, Speech. My one source on the web took down her article. I do believe it's another of Dwight Swain's teaching elements. If you haven't read 'Techniques of the Selling Writer,' I suggest you get a copy. It's not a light breezy read, you have to concentrate when you read it. But his techniques are proven to work.

Like JL, I have tons of ideas.

It's getting those ideas down on paper that is my weakest link.

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Angela Jefferson said...

I own "Techniques." It is a true keeper!