Saturday, January 20, 2007

Whenever I publish...

There are several articles out on the web to help me with my publishing career.

The Timely Approach to Promotion by Laura Baker is first on my list. This has a detailed list of what you should be doing month-by-month until your publication date.

Your Book Promotion Countdown Checklist by Lorna Tedder is also another list of what you should be doing. It's in two parts, so make sure that you click on the link at the bottom of the page.

There are an incredible amount of articles out there for the published writer to help in designing websites. What Should be on a Writer's Website? by Keri Arthur has the details of what people are looking for when they go to an author's webpage. Do your own checking as well. View several dozen of your favorite authors and see what you like the most about their website.

Booksignings? 40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an EVENT!! by Larry James and make sure you read all the parts.

The Top 10 Self-Promotion Mistakes by Cynthia Sterling is a valuable article on what not to do.

Tracy Cooper-Posey has a good article on The Top Six (Almost) Free Methods to Promote Your Novel.

Kate Rothwell has this great posting Publicity 101--Yeah, You Might Want to Do Some of This on her blog.

Another source that you should check into...blogging. A Promotional Relationship With Your Weblog by Kelly Parra is worth the time to read.

And if you want to check out an online Media Kit see Sasha Alexander's website. It comes with a Pitch Letter, Press Release, Q&A's, Book Covers and gorgeous photos of the author.

Now, if I only had a book to promote.


J L said...

both Donna and Lynne mentioned some great ideas. I had most of the info that Donna pointed us to, but much of it won't apply to e-books and some just isn't practical -- like '7 months before publishing date, provide copies of cover'. I'm 3 months before e-date and I don't have a cover and there's no hint of when I'll get a cover for my November book. But I think there are some good rules of thumb in there.

I think Lynne is right, too. Be consistent. I'm spending this weekend focusing on promo -- I've printed out a bunch of info and now I want to pick through it and see what will work for me, what I'm comfortable with. Then I'll set up my Plan -- and probably tweak it a gazillion times!

arthurchappell said...

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Best wishes -