Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hangin' out

Like Maggie, I've tried a few spots: CrimeSpace, BookPlace, NotOverTheHill are three that didn't pan out for me. As to others, I'm there most of the time:

MySpace -- I dip in once or twice a week and update info there

LiveSpace -- I dip in once or twice a month

Facebook -- I don't actually 'go' there; I tweet on Twitter and my updates go to Facebook, looking like I'm there. I actually visit the site maybe once a week.

Twitter -- this has been, so far, my social site of choice. It's fast, simple, easy, and interesting. I can dip in & out in the course of a day and easily update my status. I don't worry about how many friends I have or how many are following me or whatever. I just point people here or there, to blogs I've read, etc., and I've found so many interesting posts about publishing from people I'm following.

Of course, I'm a charter member of the Short Attention Span Club, so that might be why it works for me.

I'll be curious to see what the Next Big Thing is. Twitter is already getting spammed & full of icky folks. What will they think of next .....?

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