Thursday, June 25, 2009

Travel and me

Until quite recently I used to be terribly travel sick. It didn't stop me, it just meant that I had to add an extra day to any trip so I could recover from the journey. I still get tired coming home but that might be because I try to fit so much in!
America is an exotic country to us Brits. A fascinating place with so many contrasts it's understandable why only about a third of Americans have a passport. To a Brit, that's almost unthinkable. If we want to go more than a thousand miles in any direction, we need a passport.
So holidays in Paris, Venice, Madrid or Berlin are fairly ordinary to us. What we crave is to see the Rockies, or a kangaroo in the wild, or the mysteries of Machu Pichu.
I've been fortunate enough to visit the States in the last few years, from Texas to New York. I have loved it, and I want more. Visiting a place where the natives speak a version of English is blissful, even if they keep mistaking me for an Australian! I've met some wonderful people, had some fantastic experiences, and with any luck, I'll be back next year!

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