Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Road trips I have known

I really don't have an AWFUL trip memory except for two:

* As a youngster, the family went to the Black Hills on vacation. It was the first time we had an air-conditioned car, and I always went barefoot in the summer. I hopped out of the car at one of the lookout points and promptly burned my feet, since it was 100degrees out and I was barefoot. We had an interesting trip to the emergency room and I had bandaged feet for several weeks.

* On our last trip to England I picked up a stomach virus from my co-workers. I went through a bottle of Pepto Bismal pills on the 8 hour flight to Gatwick, spending most of my time in the bathroom either barfing, trying to barf, or having the runs. But amazingly enough, we had been upgraded to Business Class for the flight, so at least I didn't have to share the bathroom with a million other people, just the five or six in our section. The flight attendant thought I was drunk until my husband told her what was going on; then she was all helpful smiles, etc. We spent the next 3 days traveling & sightseeing, and I was never far from my Pepto, but by the time our 10-day trip was over, I was back to normal.

There are other, small trips I remember:
  • driving in a whiteout for 30 miles on a trip that took 2 hours to drive;
  • traveling with my soon-to-be-ex husband across country while he harrangued me all the way;
  • moving across country with a car filled with 3 cats and a husband driving a U-Haul which got a flat tire necessitating our 5-hour stop on the way (with 3 cats in cages in the car);
  • getting lost on the Dan Ryan in Chicago at rush hour;
  • or the trip I made to be at the bedside of my dying father after having sat up with him for 3 days straight (I came home then turned around after 2 hours of sleep to drive 4 hours back to the hospital to be with him).
  • the ice storm I drove through once from work to home. It's a 12 mile drive and it took 45 minutes; I saw hundreds of cars in the ditch on my way. I went about 2 miles an hour.
Nothing to compare to Maggie's story from hell -- at least there were no nursing babies to contend with!

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