Monday, May 18, 2009

Weird family

Is there a changeling in your family? Someone who seems to have foreign DNA? There's one in my family, and I think it's me! Seriously, there are times when my thoughts and actions are diametrically opposed to my sibs and there's no explaining it.

I know they think that way because I get The Look. You know the look. The one that slices through you, then dismisses you as beyond comment.

Oddly, they don't seem to blame me so much as my living among the Yankees for so many years. But truth be told, I think I've been pretty much like this from the git-go. I'm direct, opinionated, and intolerant of wishy-washyness. These traits are abrasive in a Southern family where everyone else seems to get along fine.

To give them credit, they don't try to change me and as far as I know, don't openly criticize me. They just give me lots of space, which is exactly what I need. Maybe they understand me after all.


a stranger in a strange land

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