Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A family of individuals

My family has one Character in each generation.

My grandfather was a roamer, leaving the family during the Depression to find work out west on a ranch. My uncle was in the Intelligence service in the Army and was stationed in all kinds of interesting places (Africa, Asia, and Europe). My cousin is a cartoonist ("Over the Hedge") and another cousin works for the railroad, traveling around the country on a weekly basis. And I've always had the reputation of one who pretty much does her own thing, whether it be getting tossed in jail for protesting the Viet Nam war, or writing mystery novels ::grin::

So far there aren't any oddities in the younger generation, unless you count the cousin who was married for one week then ran away from her husband to pursue another man (but that's another story best told over a drink or two....)

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