Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shadow People

I watched Grey Gardens, a documentary on the two Edie's, a year ago.
It haunted me.

How could two women fall from the 'rich' of America, into living like 'street' people. Sure they were in a twenty-eight mansion set in the Hamptons, but the squalor, the filth, the home over run with cats, was sickening.
I read a review at IMDB, where someone though it was 'campy', and laughed out loud. How cruel.

I find that disturbing.
Other people's misery is funny?
What have we become as a person to think that what we are witnessing is a living joke?

As I said, it haunted me. Like the book, The Lovely Bones, I thought about their stories for days. Even after a year, I am still affected.
But, I know in my heart that these two women wouldn't have changed their lives, they were incapable of seeing the sadness of it all. They thought the way they were living was fine.
How sad.

And I know a relative who lives like this. Nothing I can do can change anything about the way they live. It's their choice.
Insert a hugh sigh here.

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