Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day and Having Kids

I was an only child for many years, until my mother remarried when I was fourteen and bam! I was the older step-sister.

That horrid experience didn't quell my desire for family. I wanted eight children. I topped off with six. There was one miscarriage in between number five and number six.

The first batch of five kids were born with the eldest not even seven! Then seventeen years, we had a 'surprise' baby.

I wouldn't change the experience for anything. Even 'knowing then what I know now' wouldn't stop me.

I adore my children. One is stationed in Virginia right now, and both my hubby and I miss him something terrible. He's the 'baby' and at twenty-one, he might cringe at that term, but once you have a kid, they always seem to be your 'baby'. Age doesn't matter.

Why did I want children? I think it's because I wanted a sense of family. My wishes came true. I have a family now. A hubby that loves you, kids who grew up to be responsible adults, grandkids so great that you wonder what little part of you they carry.
It was worth it.

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