Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mega crazy busy!

I almost missed Wednesday! My niece had complications in her pregnancy and was admitted to the hospital on Sunday and gave birth on Monday. But the baby is in ICU right now, but apparently not in great danger. However, they're in L.A. and I'm in MN, a 1200 mile difference that means I'm on the phone a lot with family. Hopefully baby Cooper will be home this weekend and able to resume a normal life.

Then there's the 2 babies in my life, the kittens (still unnamed, although now I am leaning toward McQueen for the escape artist boy and Dora for the explorer girl). Between placating the resident queen (our 3 year old cat) and rescuing our 7 year old male cat (who at 14 lbs. outweighs the kittens by about 13 pounds but who is adored by them), I've been busy. Toss work into the mix and the preparation for the class I'm going to teach, and whoa -- where did the week go?

Anyway, ghosts. I lived in a haunted apartment once. The building used to be a nursing home and there was one room where the cat would not enter. The rocking chair in that room used to rock on its own, for no apparent reason. It wasn't a cold or icky room, but I just didn't like to be in there. It always felt like someone was watching me. This was a very odd layout of an apartment, with all the rooms opening off a long hallway with twists and turns in it. The cat would always walk pressed against the right side of the hall, as though avoiding people standing on the left side.

I've had a few precognitive experiences that didn't involve ghosts, events that are hard to describe. They might appear in a book someday. My current book involves a ghost who pushes his wife to do the right thing, which is to forget him and move on with her life. It may turn out to be a bittersweet book. Time will tell....

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