Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kids ... what a concept

Kids were never in my Game Plan of Life. I've always felt there are way too many people in the world, and I just couldn't see me adding to an already over-burdened Earth. Plus I just don't find children that fascinating. Whenever someone comes in to the office with a baby, I smile but back away when someone tries to hand me their little bundle of joy to hold. Thanks, but no thanks. Cute, but not for me.

Puppies are pretty much the same way for me. They're cute, but I'd rather not have one. A grown dog? Sure. A puppy ... for somebody else. Kittens I can manage because they really aren't babies for long. They're just smaller cats who are more active than their older brethren.

Nope, that maternal gene passed me by and thank God I realized it and didn't give in to social pressure. I always say I'm an excellent aunt and that's my role in life. I'm happy with it, believe me!

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