Sunday, May 24, 2009

Give me your ghosts, your haunts, your nighttime dreams ...

I'm working on a ghost story which is also a mystery. It's one of those plots where I thought, "Hmm, what would happen IF ..." and before I knew it, I had a ghost story.

What do you think a ghost would look like? Sound like? Would he/she have substance or would they be wispy (can't think of a better word than that one). Would their voice sound the same or would it have an echo? Would they know what's happened since they died? Would they have ties to the 'real' world or would they want to be elsewhere?

Give me your thoughts on ghosts. Who knows, it might show up in a book near you ....

And on a totally unrelated note: here's why I'm a bit busy these days. Two new kitties at our house. The small yellow one adores our big yellow cat (Houdini, the 14-lb. bruiser, who is totally nonplussed by the attention). No names yet but we're leaning toward Nemo and Doria (a combination of Dora the Explorer and Dorie from "Nemo").

My home office is now COMPLETELY cleaned of cobwebs and all spaces behind bookcases, etc., are swept free of dust and old bugs.

Busy times!

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