Thursday, March 5, 2009

Plus ca change...

You know back in the day, it was really hard to get those pesky monks to stop using their nice tidy scrolls and move to these new fangled book things. Separate squares of paper? Wow, so inconvenient.
But their parents had preferred their nice reusable wax tablets and before that, the stone tablet was the last word in technology.
Now it's the ebook. Some readers are as much in love with the book as a physical object as they are a good story. Some just go for the story. Nothing wrong with either approach, and it's not an either/or any more, for readers or for writers.
If you'd only known the ebook, and someone tried to introduce you to a paper book, would you go for it? Give up all that space for shelves, have to do all that dusting, carry half a dozen of them with you when you leave the house?
Probably not.
But it doesn't matter, because we have the choice. Nobody's asking anyone to make it, just go with what feels good to you.
If it feels good do it?

Lynne Connolly

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