Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ok, confess ...

We all have a weakness, especially a shopping weakness. For example, I used to be a buyer of handbags. I couldn't resist 'em. Now I have a firm rule: if a bag comes in the house, a bag has to leave the house. That way I'm not drowning in handbags.

What's your weakness when it comes to personal shopping? Do you have to try the latest shampoo, face cream, brand of jeans? Do you look for the PERFECT {insert item here} and are willing to buy and buy and buy until you find it?

What catches your eye when you go to {insert favorite store here} and your hand steals out and before you know it, it's in the shopping cart?

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Donna Caubarreaux said...

I would never thought you were a handbag diva. I have some nice ones, but they were given to me as gifts.

I have an old soft red denim bag that is great for what I need. Inside is a great wallet, my first. It's a hard container that only holds some id and currency, plus a few of the credit cards. Then I have two see through zipper containers, one with other credit cards, library card, etc. The other holds two checkbooks and pens.

So if I want to change a purse, all I have to do is pluck them out and put them in what I want to use.

My daughter's are always digging through their bags looking for something, and I need that organization, at least I have one place where I am organized.