Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love fleeces to pieces

Weaknesses, we all have them, but sometimes we don't like to admit them. I took some things to the Thrift Shop recently and a friend was doing the inprocessing. She looked in the top of my bag and was horrified that I'd donated a fleece. "Don't you get demerits for that?" she asked. She asked because she KNOWS.

I have a weakness for fleece. I may have the market cornered on fleece. I fell in love with the material originally because it was so cuddly, lightweight, and warm. I started with fleece pjs, branching out to a fleece robe, and fleece sweats. later came fleece vests, jackets, and sweaters. Oh and fleece gloves, scarves, and hats. I have fleece socks in most every color of the rainbow. I have actually worn holes in my fleece socks.

This would all be unremarkable except for the fact that I live in a very warm climate. I have to be creative to wear most of my fleece.

Luckily for me, there isn't a lot of fleece in stores in coastal Georgia. However, I keep a supply of sportswear catalogs that I enjoy browsing through, watching for sales, hoping the colors I prefer don't get sold out.

To paraphrase a cartoon character: I love fleeces to pieces.

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J L said...

I love it -- fleece! I live in Minnesota and I don't have ANYthing made from fleece and you're in Georgia and you're the Queen of Fleece. What a twist of irony (there's a book there, I think).