Monday, January 19, 2009

What's on the horizon?

2009 started off with a bang. I've got a pile of appearances and speaking engagements lined up for January and February. Some of them are a piece of cake. Some of them are absolutely terrifying. (What was I thinking in agreeing to speak before the Historical Society? I write contemporary novels...)

I'm looking forward to getting all of that behind me. Plus, once those tasks are accomplished, I will have a talk in my repertoire that I can use anywhere, one that integrates my past and my present. I've noticed many keynote authors at RWA functions are big on these kind of personal journey talks. With the talk under my belt, I would just need to come up with the bestseller status and blockbuster fame to get those invites. Hmm. Fact or fiction?

In my personal life, my daughter has moved across the country after joining the Army. My husband and I are bursting our buttons proud of her, and we can't wait to visit her in Colorado later this year.

I'm looking forward to furthering my publishing career this year. I am looking ahead to fresh starts and hopefully new book contracts. I'm hopeful that the changes this year will bring will be meaningful and result in professional growth.


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