Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking forward to ...

I am looking forward to July.

Why July?

I have travel in January, February, April, May and June. 4 of those trips involve flying, which I heartily dislike. Two are long-haul trips (3+ hours). Four of the trips are writing-related.

Yep, 2009 is the Year of Travel. I could also do a trip in March. I should probably go to Vegas to the Eppie awards, but I can't find anyone to split the cost with me, and I can't really swing the cost of the package by myself. And I dislike air travel, so the motivation isn't there.

Oddly enough the rest of the year looks very quiet. Which is good because I want to focus on some Other Writing -- my SciFi series which has languished while I got my mysteries off the ground. I've got contracts now through 2010, and enough books written through 2012 so I can relax a bit and look at that series. I have 2 mysteries to finish and then I can pick it up again.

I hope. I tend to get distracted by new plots and ideas. But I feel like this might be my turning point year, where I start to let the mysteries slide and I look at other genres.

Something to look foward to!

I'll be out of town (me and Maggie, on the high seas!) so may not post a topic on Sunday -- depends on if the flight gets back on time.

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