Monday, November 17, 2008

Road Trips

Road trips, eh? We have several amusing (in hindsight) road trips. Here are two snips from Toussaint-land.

A friend had told my husband how wonderful it was to tool around Hawaii in a convertible. Finally we were able to finagle a trip through frequent flyer miles and discount coupons. On a whim in Kauai, he exchanged our reservation for a larger sedan for a convertible. Trouble was, there were four of us ( the kids were teenagers), with luggage for a two-week stay. We packed the trunk, put the top down, then everyone except my husband the driver had to hold a suitcase. We couldn't see a darn thing. And it kept raining, so we ended up all wet.

On a trip very early in our relationship, back when we were still dating, we'd gone to the Florida panhandle beach along with my sister and her husband. After we arrived and unpacked, we drove to the grocery store. (Back then, they'd let you in stores with bare feet.) Anyway, on the way back to the cottage we'd rented (well off the beach) we drove down to the beach access point to get the lay of the land. It was mid-afternoon and we only intended a quick look-see. Only, the sign in the parking lot said driving on the beach was permissible. My boyfriend was keen to do it. I wasn't because we didn't have four-wheel drive. Boyfriend says: but we have front wheel drive. We didn't get two car lengths into the loose sand before we bogged down to the axles. We hoofed it back to the cottage to get help (way back before cell phones) and burned our feet on the hot pavement, carrying the beer and the other "perishable" groceries. It must have been love because I married him anyway.

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