Sunday, November 16, 2008

Car stories ... or travel stories

I did it -- I agonized over the color ("get the green/gray with the ivory interior? Or the gray/silver with the black interior") but I finally did it and took possession of my new chariot last Friday (gray/silver 2008 Outback Sport with heated seats, OH WHAT A BLESSING THAT IS!)

This led me to reminisce about Cars I Have Known and Road Trips From Hell. Why don't you share a story if you have one -- was there a memorable car in your past (I have the orange VW Pumpkin) or a road trip that was unique (I have the "Let's travel across country in the dead of night with 3 cats, a car, and a U-Haul and stay at the Bates Motel for one-half of a night")...


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