Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The mind boggles ....

Ah, money. Ah, freedom.


First of all, I'd make sure no one knows I've got it. That way I can be stealthy about what I do with it. I've actually allowed my thoughts to drift this way a lot. I do quite a bit of long distance driving, and once I've wrestled my plots to the ground, monetary freedom is where my thoughts go.

First off: 1M off the top for family -- assorted trust funds, lump sums, etc.

1M off the top for charity. I only donate to animal causes, so some to the Elephant Sanctuary, some to the local Humane Societies and rescue groups, some to Service Dogs, some to rescue groups.

.5M to pay off stuff and get new stuff: pay off the house, buy new cars, have a humungous party, maybe buy a second home up north (global warming precludes the idea of moving any further south), squirrel some away for new technology toys.

.5M to invest in alternative energy projects and conversion of my home so it's off the grid.

Invest 1M for the future so we could retire.

Gee. That went fast, didn't it?

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