Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Escape to Maggie-world

Imagine five million dollars, after taxes, landing in your pocket. Wowser. The thought took my breath away. I stewed over what I would do for a few days before I could give a response.

First, I'd set some aside and use that to "gift" my children the maximum amount I could yearly that would be tax free. I'd invest a million, for an income stream. The rest I'd spend.

Our community desperately needs a YMCA. I'd sponsor that, build the building, even fund the staff for the first few years. I'd make sure they had a yoga instructor I liked on staff too.

I'd also set up a program for eco-tourism here in coastal Georgia, training docents to give historical and ecological tours, bringing more money into the county.

Things I'd do just for me: I'd do what Oprah did a few years back - hire a nutritionist to cook healthy meals morning noon and night. I'd treat myself to a Spa day once a month - a full body massage, a facial, and whatever else they think of that pampers my weary body. I'd get a laptop with its own access system to the internet so that I wouldn't be reliant on my local ISP. I'd also by a ton of my books (and others) and distribute them to libraries across the country. I'd get my husband that RV he wants, and I'd give up my day jobs so that we could take that cross country trip he wants to do. I'd also get my car washed weekly and build a retirement inn for all my best buddies and sisters.

Funny how the ideas are flowing so freely now! I'd drill some wells in Africa, Maybe I should move that further up the list, LOL.

Man. If only I had that five million.

Happy dreaming!

Maggie Toussaint

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