Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tick tock on the summer clock

It's official. Summer is winding down. We've had extreme heat and summer thundershowers. We've had a plethora of family events, visits, vacations, funerals, illnesses, accidents, and dental appointments. Plus the fun that comes from working, being married, and managing a writing career.

I do have an outstanding goal for the summer: FTE. No, that's not a government acronym or even a new way to wire flowers. It stands for Finish The Edits. With three books out this year, the bulk of my "writing" time has been slanted towards promotional efforts, and as such, forward progress on a new story has stalled like a tropical storm offshore. I can feel it swirling out there, coming close and edging away. I can see the rough draft gathering dust on my floor.

That's still my goal - finish those edits. I've got about 90 more pages to go. Then its time to start it through my trusty critique partners.

Happy Summer All!

Maggie Toussaint

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