Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer goals, make me feel fine ...

.... ah, the Ipod. Container of old songs, which also are old memories ... Anybody remember Seals & Croft?

Anyway, to the topic at hand: goals. For me, 'autumn' officially starts at the end of September or first part of October, when the Spousal Unit and I go Up North to the cabin and spend a week vegging out. Before that: summer. After that: almost winter, which brings with it a whole new set of goals.

Before leaving for Up North, I want to finish the third book in my "New Human Intervention" series. This is the series set on another planet with a lot of government turmoil, psychic mayhem, and also a tie-in to my SciFi series that I want to finish up next year. So my goal is: good first draft of Living Proof. I finished Leap of Faith last week, so I am geared up to delve into the next book.

My autumn goal (October & November) is to write the Oz book. And then next year ...

But wait -- that's next year. Let's get through summer first!

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