Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time, time, time, is on my side

... well, no, it really isn't. As we all know -- when we get older, time goes faster. It's a fact of life.

But IF I had time on my side, I'd do 2 things: yes, I would take up golf again. Once a week I'd have a lesson and once a week I'd play a nice, leisurely round of golf.

And the second thing I'd do is volunteer at the local Humane Society. All of my pets have come from rescue groups or humane societies and when I had time, I used to be a foster home for abused animals. That takes a lot of time and emotional strength that I don't have to spare now. But IF I had time ...

I figure in the next few years I'll cut back on my writing and maybe take up some other hobbies. But so far I've got too damn many stories waiting to be written. I've got to get those out first.

Time, time, time, .... is on my side .... some day

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