Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mid-year ketchup

First of all, the new home office. Love it! I am SO pleased.

Real work: we're finally making progress on a product, so I will have a release this year -- woot! Lots of work to do in the fall, though (argh).

My Books: released or releasing this year: The Pig Book (e and print), Autographs (e and print), Brilliant Disguise (e and print), Endurance (e), Surf (e), Human Touch (e-edition. the first in a new paranormal series).

Signed and coming up: Marriage, Mayhem and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts; Temperance (next book in the History Patrol series). Surf will be out in print next year as will Mayhem and Human Touch.

Out for consideration: I Know You're Out There Somewhere; Homicide, Hostages and Hot Rod Restoration; Pornography, PhDs, and Premeditated Murder; Ex-wives, Extortion and Erotic Explicit Editions

Almost ready for submission: Leap of Faith (second book in the "Almost Human" series); Tonight's the Night (third book, following Brilliant Disguise and I Know You're Out There Somewhere). Pansies, Poison, and Persuasive Potency Promotions.

In progress: The Oz Book (tentatively titled: Twisters, Tarot Cards and a Tumbled Telltale Torso). It's the second book following "Pansies" (a.k.a. "The Viagra book")

Next up: The third book following "Pansies"; the fourth book following "Tonight's the Night"; Living Proof (the final book in the Almost Human series).

Whew. If I had any more on my plate, I don't think I could do it.

Let's see, what else: fall retreat with my writing buddies. A week's vacation Up North (the setting for Mayhem). Then snuggle in for the wintertime and write!

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