Thursday, July 31, 2008


I don't go to the RWA Nationals, although one year...
The main reason is expense. I just can't do it, fly over from the UK and have fun for a week. When would I get any work done?
And I'm not a member of the RWA. I belong to the RNA, which is the nearest UK equivalent. Actually, we're having an exciting time this year, celebrating our 50th anniversary. Yes, 50th. The RWA is a baby by comparison!
Together with that, we're celebrating 100 years of Mills and Boon, which is now part of Harlequin. So many writers published books with Mills and Boon, including, oddly, Jack London. The exhibition is currently touring the country and there's a feature page in the Goodies section of my website.
Although I can't visit RWA, until my book hits the NY Times bestseller list, anyway, I do fly over for Romantic Times, which I wouldn't miss for anything. I had a wonderful bonus this year, a week staying with the owner of RT Magazine, Kathryn Falk and her partner, at their house in New York. What a treat that was! I visited Katz, where Harry Met Sally, went up the Empire State Building and visited the Met and the Frick. And stayed in one of the most charming homes in New York. My visit wouldn't have been half so enjoyable without that. Oh yes, and got to drive in to New York with a couple of models for a few days.
Not bad, eh?

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