Saturday, June 21, 2008

Twenty minutes...then GO!

This is very thought provoking. What would I take? What would I carry it in? What's important?
Here are my essentials...
Family bible that is over a hundred years old.
Thumb drive with photos.
Several changes of clothes, with underwear. Us big girls have trouble finding clothing in 'good' conditions, much less a disaster.
My cell phone.
My purse.
My Kindle...need something to read while sitting around.
My painting of Raphael's Madonna in the Red Chair. It's a 'true' copy, probably done by one of his students, but my copy is more lovely than the original. I know of two other copies within a day's driving distance, so it's not unique. But I'd grab it anyway. I wouldn't be able to carry the gold-leaf it would have to stay behind.
Is everything ready to go at this time?
I don't have all my pictures in my thumb drive. Time to get cracking and scanning those. Plus, why not scan all my important papers? Such as birth certificates, SS cards, insurances, marriage license. (If California falls into the ocean, I'm in trouble.)
Wouldn't it also be a good idea to keep a 'disaster kit' in your car?
Also, if you have children, let everyone know who the 'contact' person is...if you have a family member out of state, use them as a contact point.
One thing that this subject has pointed out this week, is that we all have 'different' things to grab.
Here is a great source for developing your own Family Disaster Plan.
Disaster supply kit for your home. Which also has a disaster kit for your car outlined.
I have a lot to do to 'be prepared,' maybe I can borrow a Boy Scout from somewhere.

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